The Neu Neu Lighting Packages

Brick Uplighting Package

Pop the brick walls of Neu Neu with your wedding colors or a warm amber.  Uplighting is an easy and affordable way to transform your event.

Price: $ 550  

*Includes set up, tear down, and delivery.

Chandelier Packages

Single Chandeliers            $200
3 Chandeliers                    $500
5 Chandeliers                    $800

*Includes set up, tear down, dimming and delivery.  For more then 5 Chandeliers please contact us for a custom quote.

Cafe Lighting Packages

Cafe Lighting For Inside        $550
Cafe Lighting For Outside     $350

*Includes set up, tear down, dimming, and delivery.

Other Lighting Solutions

Pin Spotting Light Bar (6 lights)         $200
Custom Gobo                                    $250
5ft 5 Bulb Edison Drop                      $150
10ft 10 Bulb Edison Drop                  $250