Hi all thanks for taking some time to give me some feedback on a new niche I am thinking about jumping into for Phos.  Chandelabras is a word I made up but I think you understand. If not, it is a chandelier candelabra which is a chandelier that can stand on the ground.  Not hung like all of our other chandeliers.  There is a new technology that has come to the market in the last year were I can now use a dimmable battery power supply smaller then the size of a pop can that can power a chandelier for up to 12 hours.    This power supply paired with Chandelabras (see pics below) I believe can revolutionize lighting for weddings.  Think of the possibilities.  Mixing them in for centerpieces at guest tables, mounted on cocktail tables to light a patio outside, placed along the aisle of a ceremony, cake table, bar, etc.  No more hanging, rigging, or running cables. We can use them anywhere.

I would really appreciate if you would email me your thoughts on the below questions.  It is a big investment so I want to make sure that the best and brightest in the industry (you) think this is something that would be well received.  Please be honest, if you think I am crazy (some of my ideas are) please let me know!


1.  What do you think?

2.  Would your clients rent them?

3.  What do you think someone would pay to rent a chandelabra?

4.  Any unique ideas on how we can use the chandelabras or wireless chandeliers for events?

Thanks for your input, time, and support over the years! 

Hope to see you soon:)


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